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HKM very actively accompanies this innovation process. Through expert and customer assessments our clients receive in-depth market estimates about which innovations in what form can be led to market success.

4 factors especially determine the future development of cars


The car of tomorrow combines innovation from different fields: chassis technology, drive technology, safety engineering, information technology, consumer electronics and more.


In modern societies, importance is no longer particularly attached to the possession of a car, but to get the optimum mobility solution in every situation in life. The car is no longer a status symbol, but means to an end. Nevertheless, automotive design and brand image still exert a special fascination.


The long-term megatrends „urbanization“ and „individualization“ decisively determine today's customer needs. Some other trends should also be observed: Convenience, deceleration, well-being, communicative networking, self-expression.


The aspects of sustainability and security currently determine political action. This sets the automotive industry under pressure respectively changes significant economic conditions in some countries.

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