Commercial vehicles

Hightest efficiency!

Cost and time pressure has always characterized the transport industry, perhaps even more than other sectors

Improving the efficiency represents a very special challenge

Optimization of the powertrains

Improving fuel efficiency, compliance with increasingly strict emission limits

Weight reduction

Higher payload, compensating for the increased weight of Euro6 engines, reduce consumption

Assistance and safety systems

Increasing driving safety, but also the driver's comfort (= greater productivity)

Cost management

More attention to total cost of ownership (TCO) - what matters is not just the purchase price but considering the total cost

Comfort features

Bluetooth, climate control, and electrohydraulic steering reduce the strain on the driver and ultimately result in less downtime


In times of just-in-time production, as well as a change in the consumption habits (Amazon, Zalando & Co.)

More than ever... is also important to strengthen value and identity of the manufacturer brands. A strong brand gives orientation and strengthens customer loyalty.

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