Actively shaping the change

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The change that the German energy industry is experiencing could not be any more radical

Political decisions are changing the market context fundamentally, technology issues are gaining in importance and existing market mechanisms are changing


Energy Transition: Parting with nuclear energy, switching to renewable energies. Specifications regarding climate and renewable energy targets limit the use of fossil fuels. In the EU, the international competition is increasing. The strengthening of e-mobility is political will.


Storage, smart grids, power to gas. Decentralisation of power production. Digitalization in private households („Intelligent household“), in industry (industry 4.0) and in the RU. From combustion engine to e-mobility, but with which technology? – Focus on battery and charging technology or hydrogen supply?

Market mechanisms

Customer loyalty: Long-term customer loyalty will get less and less. Strategies of customer recovery are becoming increasingly important. New business/ sales models: Looking at the German market but also beyond shows that energy consultants and the bundling of purchasing interests gain importance (specific example: Great Britain).

Cras consequat feugiat velit vitae dictum

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